Saturday, February 23, 2013

NY dispatch #1 - small girl / big city

best way to roll into new york, my great friend sara driving the getaway car, matt silver crackin' wise in the backseat, johnny cash on the stereo, and my sister, who convinced me to do this in the first place, texting joyously from california, as we hit the george washington bridge and manhattan lays out its glimmering lights in the darkness below..

new york! dominican screaming and pot smoke waft the second floor as i lug too many bags of gear up to a 4th story brooklyn walk-up, which i shall share with an absolute stranger..and a cat!

kinda liberating, like being 25 again..only with a job. and money. and purpose.

..that was one week ago, here's what the first week brought..

a new lookout to smoke and think and dream at..

a new hood to discover..

art art and more art!

*i'm going to take it as a great omen that my favorite artist, doug aitken, and favorite filmmaker, phillippe grandrieux were both presenting work my first week in town!

doug aitken was a total treat for me at 303 gallery
i basically skipped into the room, much to the chagrin of the bored gallerina


sabine hornig's 'reflections' at tanya bonakdar was pretty amazing too..

i ate a lot..

most everywhere..

                                                                          the weed helped..

and finally, my first visit to film society lincoln centre for a friday night talk and presentation of philippe grandrieux's White Epilepsy

*all photos taken with an iphone
**i've started shooting with my real camera, but wouldn't you know it, i lost my downloading wire..

more soon!