Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sorry rabbi set visit

my friends were making a movie around the corner this afternoon. no better way to procrastinate than to go take pictures of your friends being productive and makin art! good on ya, mark slutsky! and aisling and john, and jess and bobby and jenna and jacob and howard and kieran and ksenia, and the whole lot of the 'sorry rabbi' crew. can't wait to see it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

NxNE! the end, my only friend the end

bye johnny calzone, great sunny day for a drive home, joe+izzy!, lakeside dusk detour; always a good idea, joe swims!, home, chill for one second and check set times for the Off! show i am getting a THIRD chance at (after missing them repeatedly at nxne all weekend and in LA on several occasions), realize they went on 10 minutes ago, sprint out of house, into rental car, careen like madwoman down to foufounes, RUN into venue.. just in time to meet the first of the crowd filing ..OUT down the stairs:((.........for real. like true punk rock, set was hard and fast and done. and apparently, amazing. what the hell universe, the one band i am dying to see keeps eluding me. (summer goal..see Off!) beers at foufounes, still the greatest rock bar of all-time, main for late night latkas and a quick glimpse at the remnants of street fest i'm happy to have missed and END. to a really fine weekend.