Friday, November 12, 2010


i believe. in everything being a sign. no coincidence, just fate. full moons and black cats, energies and instincts, signs and forebodings, omens and superstitions. good and evil.

a few weeks ago, on a glorious montreal sunday, i took this shot. it was the 88 that drew me in.
i liked it more than i should, but forgot it just as quickly. last week, it popped up again.
88. this time, in a work situation. a project with it in the title. it was not to be, we came to a crossroads and took a left, not a right. but the sign at the intersection was a clear 88. i dug out the photo again.

last night i dreamt about my upcoming birthday. it happens to be 38.
today i am posting the photo. and wondering what stories it still has to tell

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