Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 4. all rules broken. ode to utermohlen.

let's start over. day 4. thursday.
i have to do a self-portrait. a proper one. none of that mirror shit.
my research led me to discover the greatest self-portrait series ever. by william utermohlen, painter.
utermohlen self-portraits

my favorite of his self-portraits is one entitled 'the studio', 1977. his wife was always amazed he could make art in such an "impossible space". for a while he tried.

it reminded me a lot of my current impossible space. eek. but i'm trying.

self-portrait in studio, ode to utermohlen. montreal. 2010

'you have to be willing to get happy about nothing' - andy warhol

many thanks to amy sobol for her goodwill and assistance throughout numerous numerous takes.

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