Thursday, August 18, 2011

shigawake fair. night 1.

the 12 hour drive was completely worth it in the first 10 minutes of arriving at shigawake's 103rd agricultural fair and music festival. there would be farms, sunsets, full moons, friends, tents, families, nail driving, horse-pulling, kid AND adult egg tosses, country bands, and late night boozy jams at the trough and the beach. my friend meghan and her family, with the help of all their friends and neighbors, put on this festival every year at their family farm on the far reaches of the gaspe peninsula. this was my first visit. i slept in a tent, square danced, scaled rocks, made friends, danced on a hillside at dawn, met the locals, ate corn, drank beer, and ceasars, and listened to incredible music everywhere i turned. there were horses and cows and cowboys and sunrises, and it made me believe in life and love and music and community and friends all over again. just in case i forgot.

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